cube-30 I decided in the summer of 2001 that it was time for a new hobby – I already had yarn hobbies. So, I got my friend Celine to help me get started quilting. We started small with a nine patch pillowcase. At this time I was convinced I only wanted to quilt by hand. After the pillowcase I was ready for my next project. Many would think another small project would be in store, but not me. I put a 110 x 110 quilt top together – log cabin pattern was a simple first choice. I spent hundreds of hours on this project perfecting my hand stitching technique. Although I have hand stitched 7 quilts – 3 of which were king-sized -, I have made 30 others using a sewing machine for quilting.

I am now trying out new patterns. Because of this, I have quilt tops just waiting to get their turn at being finished. It is so easy to not be focused when you don’t have a deadline on a project.

I have just about covered my entire family with quilts. It is time to find a new source to receive these quilts. I am hoping you will enjoy looking at my work and you will want one for your own.